About The Artist

I’m Laura R. Morris (she/her), a mostly European-American indie cartoonist/illustrator. I draw on my unique experiences as a U.S Air Force Veteran and a backwoods Environmental Scientist. I am exploring and advocating Progressive topics of Peace using Science Math and Art = SM(Art), “Bombs” is an artistic reference to street art/graffiti. My hypothesis is that Art and Education can make a larger impact than the weapons of war.

The purpose of this artistic experiment is to help people break down complex ideas and numbers by using cartoons and infographics. Drawing SM(Art) Bombs Comics gives me the opportunity to turn my research into something fun and say all the smart-assed comments that usually get me scolded in real life.

My sources of inspiration are: Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mythbusters, School House Rock, Reading Rainbow, Monty Python, Looney Tunes, Captain Planet with Lucille Ball and Gloria Steinem.

When I’m not drawing for SM(Art) Bombs Comics, I draw book covers for the ‘Watcher of the Damned’ book series by R. H. Snow. I also design album art, write music, play and sing for the band ‘Hidden Objects’.

I draw SM(Art) Bombs Comics for free, as a labor of love. If you like my work, please check out these indie art, writing, and music collaborations!

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