Greenwashing Uncle Sam: A Summary of the Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan…

‘Greenwashing Uncle Sam’ is an original work by SM(Art) Bombs Comics (LRM21)

Update: I love riffing on old recruitment posters. This is a reference to the old “I Want You” Uncle Sam campaign. In this setting, Uncle Sam has been painted green and was given some cool sunglasses to appear more young and hip! Please read the next paragraph in your best impression of what Uncle Sam would sound like! To me, Uncle Sam sounds like an annoyingly loud infomercial guy.

Uncle Sam Says: “Nothing is Greener than the military, well maybe except for money and Lady Liberty, but Uncle Sam has a deal for you! Uncle Sam is such an expert at being green, that he wants to COLLABORATE with the public and private sectors over land use, natural resources, water, and power generation!
DoD has a shiny new AI tool that will take down all your metadata and help you be super green too, just like Uncle Sam! Just sit tight while it takes down an inventory of your stuff…
“It’s not easy being green”, so Uncle Sam just wants to use your land and water, and oil, or whatever, if the supply chains get weird, so no biggie, right? Oh and that collaboration earlier includes Uncle Sam’s friends in the big industries, so can they can use your stuff too! Hooray!
While you’re out there being green, don’t get caught protesting against any pipelines! The Department of Homeland Security is going all the way to the arctic to make sure oil flows to power the machines that control the military’s ‘climate adaptation’ while somebody is stacking a whole lotta green!”

My key takeaways from the DoD Climate Adaptation Plan

“The primary purpose of this plan is to integrate climate change adaptation and climate resilience across agency programs, management of real property, public LANDS and WATERS, and FINANCIAL SERVICES” (DoD Climate Adaptation Plan, from the introduction on pg 3, pgph 3, lines 3-5, 2021)

Bottom Line Up Front: 
1) DoD is ‘collaborating’ with public and private sector civilian organizations, NGOs, logistics, business enterprise, and natural resource entities under the guise of improving “climate adaptation” and “resiliency”. The fine print includes DoD’s requisition of those resources to protect DoD assets when times get tough and supply chains fail. (So like right now). DoD could use Greenwashing to seize control of National assets and resources. 

2) DoD awarded Booz-Allen a contract for ‘Advana’ in 2019 (before the pandemic) to be like a Siri for base installations and track metadata for logistics, analytics, supply chains, readiness. Who has access to this info? How is this info protected? This needs more background and followup. 

3) DoD has a renewed push to train and acquire resources in Arctic. 

4) DoD acknowledges that training and testing ranges will need to be expanded due to land loss and degradation from climate change. Expect DoD will expand (eminent domain) around bases to create buffer zones and into the arctic as land becomes accessible

5) Expect more clashes over resources and for those who resist to get stuck with antiterrorism charges, since the DHS is getting more involved with infrastructure and arctic ops. 


Department of Defense, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisition and Sustainment). 2021. Department of Defense Draft Climate Adaptation Plan. Report Submitted to National Climate Task Force and Federal Chief Sustainability Officer. 1 September 2021.


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