Learning About Landback: ‘This Land’ Podcast

Check out the ‘This Land’ podcast here: https://crooked.com/podcast-series/this-land/

The comics I make here are based on hours of research and finding trustworthy resources is a challenge. Tracking down source documents is time consuming, but necessary when working with numbers and facts on any topic. It is my goal to make smart art/info comics that make people think and ask questions.

One topic area I’m researching is The Landback movement, which includes honoring the Treaties the US Government made with the Sovereign Indigenous Nations that were here for ten thousand years or more before the first European settlers arrived. So it’s also about going back to the source documents.

For anyone who has ever taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution (military, police, lawyers, judges, politicians, postal service, and government workers) the Treaties are recognized in Article VI as ‘supreme law of the land’- meaning those treaties are on the same level as the constitution. No State government or Corporation can change that.

“This Land” is a podcast that delves into US and Tribal case law and the modern-day implications. It’s produced by Crooked Media and hosted by Rebecca Nagle, of Cherokee Nation.

Nagle is both thoughtful and thorough in her podcasts, making sense out of the complex legal system we’ve inherited. The episodes are packed with information but are only 30-45 mins, so it’s a little easier to digest. Everyone associated with this podcast is deserving of high praise. I really look forward to catching up to the current season.

I hope to draw out the lessons I learn about the Landback movement. I learn by drawing and maybe I can help others learn along the way.

I should add that I’m neither affiliated with Crooked Media, nor am I getting paid to promote anything. I do this as a labor of love for sharing knowledge and hopefully building bridges to peace.

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