Stop the Line

A lovely sunset reflects on a rusting pipeline over iridescent pools of contaminated water. A Crow stares thoughtfully at dead catfish and wild rice and composes a poem for the pipeline.

This illustration was the original background for the piece I did earlier called “You can’t drink the oil”, but it was too pretty to cover up with all the stats. I carried over the theme of the Crow being the harbinger of doom calling attention to the dangers to our drinking water, fisheries, and wild rice beds. The poem reads,

‘They’ll pump out all the oil never asking “At what price?”

While they’re stacking up their money, They’re killing off the wild rice

And when you see the bloated Catfish rotting iridescent in the sun

Know that You can’t drink the OIL

when the WATER is all gone’

Wild rice and catfish are sacred foods to millions of people who live in and around the Mississippi River basin. Pipeline projects like Line 3, are putting our sacred food and water sources in jeopardy.

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