The Overturning of Roe v Wade and The American Dream

Bans Off!

I believe in the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For me, this means having body sovereignty- being allowed to make informed decisions about my personal healthcare with a doctor and without interference from the government. I believe that most people in the world hold this viewpoint as well. This means that I have the right to refuse a procedure I think could be harmful, or an untested vaccine. This also means I should be able to have an abortion or have gender reassignment surgery, if I wanted. The decision should be between me and my doctors alone. In full disclosure, I have taken all the vaccines that have been offered to me, including my COVID shot and the booster because I believed that was best for my health and I made that decision with the help of my doctor. Supporting freedom of choice means protecting and respecting choices that you don’t personally agree with or would choose for yourself. I’m a strong cis woman, but I support other peoples choice to change if they want.

The overturning of Roe v Wade by the US Supreme Court is taking us down a very dangerous path that will allow the government to make decisions about all of our bodies. Biologically born women will be affected most, followed by those who identify differently than their assigned gender, and even cis men. No one will be safe when the government decides what is best for our bodies and we don’t have a say.

I will do everything in my power to peacefully protect and support all the people that this disastrous decision will harm.

Love one another and protect the right to be free.

On the Tragedy in Uvalde and Guns in Texas

More Diplomas Mean More Diplomacy is an original piece by Laura R. Morris (LRM21)

When I was a little girl living with my single Mom in a tiny Texas town, all that stood between us and a burglar was her pistol. It took 40 minutes for the Sheriff to arrive. For a large part of the population, still, it can take twenty minutes or longer for an officer to arrive when there’s an emergency and your well-being is literally your own responsibility.

Very recently, first responders in my area stopped a would-be school shooter from carrying out a mass-casualty at our local high school. We were lucky. A few days later and a few hundred miles to our south, the tragedy in Uvalde occurred where a very different ending played out. It was sobering to see the difference.

I haven’t jumped to provide commentary because, like many of you, I’ve been stunned by the sheer evil of such an act, and I have questions.

Why was there such a break down in the chain of command during the incident that prevented the authorities from going in to neutralize the threat for over 70 minutes?

Uvalde had access to many more resources than our local high school in prevention and monitoring of mass casualty events. The FBI and the local authorities had been warned of the shooter’s intent.

How can an 18 year old who works at Wendy’s get access to a weapon and ammo worth several thousands of dollars when he was supposedly bullied over the state of his clothing?

How do we balance the need for self sufficiency and self determination with the need to keep our kids safe in schools?

Texas has a program that allows teachers with the proper training to conceal carry. Would the tragedy in Uvalde have been prevented if teachers had been concealed carrying? Everything was riding on the response of the school’s single resource officer.

When I first heard about the concealed carry program for teachers, I was against the idea because some of my teachers were certifiably insane when I was in school. Not that I could blame them, since they dealt with punk ass kids all day long. But after the events of the last month, I am reconsidering my stance, but will more guns solve the underlying issues that fueled such an act to be carried out?

Will shootings like these be prevented if gun legislation is enacted? Laws only work on honest people and bad guys can get guns on the black market regardless.

I don’t have any answers and my perspective is limited, but it I hope it gives you pause. We must ask questions and not blindly bumble along with knee-jerk reactions. Mass casualty events tend to become politically charged and the victims of Uvalde deserve better than to become pawns for politicians and arms dealers.

I welcome all perspectives and any respectful commentary. We can only solve these problems if we honestly listen to one another. The more perspectives we listen to allow us to see the problems of our world in more dimensions.

Love and peace to you all💛✌️🕊

Electric Raven Heart Skull

An original digital painting by Laura R. Morris (LRM22)

Playing with light and symbolism. Art from the heart.

Congratulations to the Prometheus Award Best Novel Finalists from your fellow Nominee at WATCHER of the DAMNED!

Originally posted on WATCHER of the DAMNED: The FInalist list for the Prometheus Award Best Novel of 2021 has been released – *insert drum roll HERE*…

Congratulations to the Prometheus Award Best Novel Finalists from your fellow Nominee at WATCHER of the DAMNED!

Back in 2018, I had the privilege to join up with R. H. Snow and assist her in creating book cover art her groundbreaking Sci-Fi Western series ‘Watcher of the Damned’. I’m so proud to announce that her series was Nominated for Best Novel for the 2021 Prometheus Award – a highly coveted Sci-Fi award whose winners include George Orwell, J. R. R Tolkien, Ayn Rand, and a host of other amazing authors.

The ‘Watcher of the Damned’ series is set in a future where a pandemic has decimated humankind and rewritten the rules for society and survival for the lucky few that made it. (Remember the story was written PRE PANDEMIC in 2018, so, yes, a little eerie). This is an inclusive story that features characters of all shapes and sizes, LGBTQ+, and handicapabilies coming together to survive in a world decimated by a Techno-Oligarchy run amok. If you enjoyed TV shows like ‘Firefly’, ‘Westworld’, ‘Wild Wild West’, and ‘Cowboy Bebop’, then you might enjoy this series.

‘The Watcher of the Damned’ series is ongoing, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store and I hope for many more awards for R. H. Snow.

Support our indie, women writer and artist team in this incredible, inclusive series and visit to get the first few chapters of the book FOR FREE! Then, buy a copy! Links to her books for purchase are also in my ‘about section’ here on my blog.

The cover art is featured below:

May The Spirit of Peace Guide You

‘The Spirit of Peace’ is an original digital painting created by Laura R. Morris (LRM22)

My thoughts are with those in the Ukraine and all families affected by War, and also the victims of the Brooklyn subway attack.

Spring has always been a difficult season for me because it has been associated with loss of life and tragedy. As Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day approach, I hope that crisis and tragedy bypass your lives and that your days are filled with happy children, flowers, and backyard cookouts. For those, like me, who sit back quietly and reflect, I hope the Spirit of Peace finds your hearts.

Peace: The Language of Flowers

‘Peace-The Language of Flowers‘ is an original digital painting by Laura R. Morris (LRM22)

10 points to anyone who can tell me why I represented these languages.

Stop the War in Ukraine. Russian Troops Out & No to NATO expansion! Join Us Sunday, March 6th, 2022

Waging Peace on the Global Day of Action: Sunday, March 6th, 2022

We recognize that the expansion of NATO and the aggressive approach of Western states have helped cause the crisis and we demand an end to NATO expansion. We also oppose sanctions that will harm ordinary Russians and call on all countries to welcome refugees fleeing the war.” CodePink

On February 26th, I attended an international Zoom call meeting that has THOUSANDS of attendees from ALL over the world, all of us wanting the same thing- to stop a war that could easily escalate into a Nuclear disaster. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is only about Russia and Ukraine. ‘There are many hands in the pot’ is the old adage that comes to mind, because is about the control of resources, mainly FOSSIL FUELS and both NATO and Russia want a piece.

Ukraine has vast NATURAL GAS deposits and pipelines are strategically located throughout the country. See NPR’s report on Feb 10th, 2022.

War is never simple. Don’t believe the hate. Join us on March 6th for the International Day of Peace. By ourselves, we are just individuals, but together we have the power to take down the giants that put ‘Profits Over People’

I am a member of the Veterans For Peace, which released a statement condemning the War in Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. Veterans For Peace Encourages Diplomacy Not War

Making Your Own Peace- Coloring Outside The Lines (with free coloring book pages)

You may have seen my little peace sign designs floating around my blog. I’ve been trying to work out what peace looks like to me. For me, peace is loving and caring for the people and places that have given me life and meaning. It is also accepting where I’ve been and focusing on compassion.

I really want to know what peace looks like to other people! I wanted to make it fun and easy, so I made two blank versions of my designs and I’d love to ask you to color them, customize them. Make them your own and share them with other people. I know I probably should have put my website on the coloring book designs, but I want your design to be about you, so I left it off. 🙏🏼✌️

Self Portrait on Love and Loss

‘Self portrait on Love and Loss’ is an original digital painting by Laura R. Morris, (LRM22)

Right in time for Valentine’s Day. This is advice I wish I could have shared with my younger self. The portrait reads:

‘Don’t lose yourself in love or it will leave you lying helpless, longing, lingering, lonely. Live your life and love yourself first. Be your own true love’

Thank You For The Courage

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to post anything new in awhile. My marriage fell apart just before Thanksgiving and I’ve had to move across country to live with family for awhile until the situation resolves. I’ve been in survival mode, trying to figure out which direction I should take my life, but things keep falling apart and blowing up in my face. I just tested positive for COVID, despite masking in public, despite having my vaccine and booster, despite washing my hands and social distancing.

I’m wretchedly depressed, but I’m tired of crying, so I have decided to make an inventory of all the good things in my life. I want to express my gratitude to this wonderful community of artists and writers for all your feedback and support. You all have given me the courage to speak from my heart and to stand up for myself and my convictions. You all have helped me grow as a person. As I recover physically and emotionally, I will find the courage to create again, I just need some time to pick up all my pieces.

Good Things’ list:

1. I’m not homeless. I have shelter with running water and warmth.

2. I have enough to eat.

3. My family loves and cares about me.

4. I still have some income.

5. I still have Art and Music.

Oh, Say, Can You See? Can You Resist the War Machines?

‘Oh, Say, Can You See?’ Is an illustrated poem written and drawn by Laura R. Morris (LRM21)

Oh, say, can you see?

Can you resist the War Machines?

By the dawn’s early light,

Help me to wage Campaigns of Peace

‘Lest we become mere pawns and beasts.

-Laura R. Morris, 2021

Updated: Look, Mom! I’m on the Radio! Part I & II interview on ‘Friendly Fire- A Voice For Veterans’ on WMPG Community Radio

A screenshot of the WMPG ‘Friendly Fire’ archive page. My interview in two parts on Dec 8th and Dec 15th.

Updated: Listen to Friendly Fire on here, and look for Part I of the interview, which aired December 8, 2021, and Part II of the interview, which aired on December 15, 2021

My friend, and fellow Veterans For Peace radio DJ, Don Kimball, talked me into a radio interview on WMPG, a community radio station in Maine. You can listen to me ramble about my adventures pursuing peace through art, my military career, and learning how to be a better human.

Many thanks to Don for making me sound coherent and keeping me on topic!

‘Airwaves’ by Laura R. Morris

Veterans target US military’s outsized impact on the climate crisis – Fellowship of Reconciliation

Veterans target US military’s outsized impact on the climate crisis – Fellowship of Reconciliation | Fellowship of Reconciliation
— Read on

Update: This is a reblog of an article my friend Cindy wrote for the Veterans For Peace (VFP) Climate Change and Militarism Project (CCMP) covering the US military’s underreported global greenhouse gas emissions ‘boot print’. She’s a very talented writer and I hope you all enjoy her article!

More Diplomas Mean More Diplomacy

‘More Diplomas Mean More Diplomacy’ is an original artwork by SM(Art) Bombs Comics’ creatrix Laura R. Morris

I drew this while thinking about how horrible it is that a minor child had access to an assault weapon and then killed two people, and wounded a third. Assault weapons are designed to ASSAULT, not DEFEND or hunt, except boar or large game, which are NOT usually in RESIDENTIAL AREAS or cities. Oh, and then that minor child was tried as an adult and WALKED?!

Update: What is the root cause of this problem? If we valued the peaceful exchange of ideas more than weapons, we might start to see a change in society.

I can’t help but think about the Legendary Johnny Cash (1958) who sang “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”

Armistice Day Reflections: There is no glory at the end of a gun

‘Peace and Poppies’ an original work by Laura R. Morris

Today is Armistice Day, also known as ‘Veterans’ Day’ in the United States. If you’d like to support veterans, please stop supporting wars. Stop investing in fossil fuels. Look at your retirement funds. Read the fine print when you buy things.

Also, The whole ethical conundrum the US has created about Women’s roles in Combat is absurd. If you don’t want Women in Combat, then stop waging and supporting Combat. Women and children are dying everyday from US airstrikes and bombing campaigns. The people who are reinforcing harmful gender roles are also the ones approving of US acts of war. Please be rid of the draft and stop sending our young people to die for the sake of land grabs and natural resource acquisition.

If you are a young person and want to change the world and make a difference, then go to a good trade school or technical college. Learn a skilled trade or anything involving medical or health services. Give back to your communities. Be a firefighter or an EMT or a librarian or a school teacher. Please think twice before enlisting in the military.

I am a veteran coming from a deeply military family. I grew up watching GI Joe, helping my Dad shine his combat boots for National Guard duty, and thinking MREs were better than Happy Meals because MREs came with candy and little hot sauce bottles.

I have very complicated feelings about this holiday. I don’t like to be thanked for my service. I don’t know how to respond most of the time. How do I explain that the military was both the best and worst decision I’ve ever made? It was the best because I saw the world for what it is. I saw with my own eyes the massive train wreck that is our foreign policy. I met all sorts of amazing and inspiring people which have ultimately shaped my view of the world from the country-fried conservative I started out, to the eccentric back-woods progressive I’m becoming. I wouldn’t be who I am in this moment without that experience, and I am grateful to have survived to tell my story.

The drawbacks to becoming the property of the US Government for eight years was that Uncle Sam can ask you to go anywhere, do anything, or kill anyone, or be killed as long as it abides by the Chain of Command and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. Job descriptions are deceptive. You can start out thinking that you’re signing up for a desk job and supporting democracy, then end up dead in a ditch halfway on the other side of the world because politicians put people over profits. Resist and go to prison or, do your job and go to prison later. I usually lose people here. That’s fine. Just read Smedly D. Butler’s “War is a Racket,” written in 1935. The War for Fossil Fuels has been going on a long time.

All in A Day’s Work: Militarism, Climate Crisis, and Colonization

‘All in a Day’s Work’ is an original digital work of art by SM(Art) Bombs Comics’ Laura R. Morris.

Update: I lightened the image because the original painting came out a little too dark to see the details.

It took me a day to find the words to describe this painting.

Over 1,005 Environmental and Resource defenders have been Murdered outright since the 2015 Paris Agreement (Democracy Now!, 2021). This figure does not include the number of deaths from environmental pollution, exposure hazards, cancers, birth defects, loss of livelihood, economic hardship, or climate crisis. What is the true body count for the war for fossil fuels? How many secret mass graves will we find when we start looking around these work sites?

These are people who died protecting their lands. Yesterday was recognized as Armistice Day. I believe that anyone who dies for their land is deserving of the same honor and recognition given to a soldier killed in action.

‘All in A Day’s Work’ was an incredibly difficult piece to make emotionally. The machines, scaling, and placement of the construction workers was the easy part. Depicting the dead in a way that was both respectful and impactful was the hard part. I cried everyday I worked on this.

I have seen worksites like this up close.

The sky takes on unique atmospheric characteristics when a dust storm is moving in. It looks like hell on Earth. The soil beneath your feet is reduced to moondust from heavy industrial desertification and you can taste the sickly sweet Diesel exhaust.

The machines are quite large. The scaling of human to machine here is actually quite modest.

In the painting, a breached aquifer spews muddy toxic rainbow sludge as a new pipeline is sunk. The souls of those murdered for the land are rising up and speaking to us from beyond the grave. If you look close enough at the soil, you will see their messages from beyond.

A large excavator looms over the scene with two armed construction workers guarding the perimeter. In the distance are oil wells and rigs. A vulture looks down at the scene with a predator drone and two F-35s patrolling the skies.


Democracy Now! (2021, November 8). Activists at COP26 Honor 1,000+ Environmental Defenders Killed Since Paris Accord — 1 in 3 Indigenous. Democracy Now!.

How the US Military is Fueling The Climate Crisis in Three Discussions with Democracy Now!, The Veterans For Peace, People’s Summit for Climate Justice, and Peace Action Maine…

If you weren’t able to catch these conversations live, you can watch the recordings for free at the links below:

11/09/21: Democracy Now! War Helps Fuel the Climate Crisis as U.S. Military Carbon Emissions Exceed 140+ Nations.

11/07/21: Veterans For Peace. US militarism space tech and climate crisis. People’s Summit for Climate Justice, COP26 Coalition. (7 Nov 21).

Speakers: Adrienne Kinne, David Collins, Lisa Savage…

10/31/21. Peace Action Maine and Veterans For Peace. How the Pentagon Fuels Climate Crisis.

Speakers: David Swanson and Janet Weil

Passamaquoddy artist Geo Soctomah Neptune made the ‘Out 100’ List of most influential LGBTQ leaders Editors. (2021). 18 LGBTQ+ Policy Makers and Advocates Changing the World.

Basketry from Geo Soctomah Neptune’s Portfolio

I vividly remember the time I met Geo Soctomah Neptune. I was attending the Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME in the Fall of 2017. As I was walking through the tents for local artists, I was drawn to the most colorful baskets in all shapes and sizes. The baskets glowed like the weaver had woven the light of rainbows. I was enchanted, so I asked lots of dumb questions to the artist.

Geo Neptune was incredibly patient as they explained their approach to their art and how it related to being ‘Two-Spirited. I had never heard of Two-Spirited people, but the way Geo explained, it was so beautiful and it made so much sense. Simply, some people embody both the masculine and feminine divine aspects.

It was as though Geo revealed a secret of the universe by sharing a truth about themself, and it I am so grateful for that chance meeting. I doubt Geo would remember me, I was just a face in the crowd, but I’ve been so happy to see Geo’s star ascend and I wish them all the best. ✌️

Art needs diversity! We need to be introduced to more unique and beautiful points of view and to support those who are blazing new trails!

You can see Geo’s works here:

The Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, ME

And on Facebook:

Here’s a local news article from the Bangor Daily News:

Burnham, E. (2021). ‘Passamaquoddy artist Geo Neptune makes list of nation’s 100 most influential LGBTQ leaders’. Bangor Daily News.

Update: I added the photo with Credits

People Powered Science in Action! Help Ron monitor the Line 3 Environmental Impacts…

I love Citizen Science, projects that get raw data and science into the hands of the people. Equipment for monitoring and testing yields raw data that stands up to ‘peer review’ and can be used by experts and voters to make decisions and take action.

It would be really great if we could get citizen scientists organized with equipment for independent monitoring and testing at every construction site. It would be a wonderful way to teach students and promote community-based science initiatives

Maine Voters Reject the CMP Corridor/ NECEC

The results aren’t official until signed by the Maine Secretary of State. Bangor Daily News is reporting Question 1 passed to reject the CMP Corridor!

Results Tables from

Thank you to everyone who shared flyers about the the CMP Corridor. Mainers used the power of the people to peacefully protect its resources from greedy greenwashed corporations.

There is still so much work to be done. I think of the struggles in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin over the Enbridge Tar Sands pipelines (line 3 and Line 5), I’m thinking about the Indigenous peoples’ struggles in the Amazon, and I’m thinking about the underreported extractive projects affecting the Indigenous peoples in Africa.

We are more connected than ever and the extractive corporations have a harder time stealing resources when we support one another’s resistance and provide mutual aid. Watch and share a lecture. Draw a picture. Have an honest conversation.

Divest from these abusive companies and learn more how to resist at Stop The Money Pipeline

To quote Cesar Chavez, ‘¡Sí, se puede!’


Hunterdon Art Museum Exhibition Explores Decolonization With Indigenous Artist Marie Watt

Hunterdon Art Museum presents Companion Species (At What Cost): The Works of Marie Watt, on display until January 9, 2022. This exhibition, which …

Hunterdon Art Museum Exhibition Explores Decolonization With Indigenous Artist Marie Watt

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Marie Watt’s work through this article! (Isn’t technology amazing?) I wish I could see this exhibit in person.

Watt’s approach to artistic creation involves community, multiple people stitching together while sharing their stories. This spirit of community is imbued into each work, and every stitch makes the overall piece stronger.

I feel like there are a million lessons to be learned about Decolonization from sewing circles that need to be shared. What if our leaders had to work through the sewing circles? Each would have to learn patience, team work, discipline, and compassion.

I wanted to learn more about Marie Watt and I found her website here with more examples of her beautiful work.

Handmade textiles have a magic of their own. My sewing/weaving/ crochet skills are not spectacular, but I have experienced the catharsis of counting stitches through the tears, with each loop a prayer of hope or healing. My grandmothers’ hands have crocheted and quilted many blankets for family, friends, and those in need. These blankets have lasted lifetimes. My Grandmother had a blanket quilted by her Grandmother. I can still see my Grandmother’s hands working and feel her hugs through those blankets, even though she’s no longer with us in this existence.

COP26 Coalition-The People’s Summit For Climate Justice: Join the Veterans For Peace in a session about ‘U.S. Militarism, Space Tech, and the Climate Crisis – The Role of Demilitarization in Climate Justice.’

Images are banner snapshots from

On Nov 7, at 8PM UTC, (3PM EST) Join The Veterans For Peace session on Militarism, Climate, and Space Tech here:

Upcoming Zoom Events You Should Attend If You’d Like To Help UnFrack the World…

PEACESTOCK Tues, Oct 19th, 6:00-8:30pm (central)

Zoom Your Way Over to ‘Peacestock’ for an evening with artists, musicians, and public speakers as we explore ‘Militarism and The Environment’ with the Veterans For Peace

How the Pentagon Fuels Climate Oct 30 Sat. 8 PM (eastern)

Join our Zoom  Register HERE

with David Swanson and Janet Weil, (These are some heavy hitters, folks!)

Register here:

7-10 Nov, 2021 People’s Summit for Climate Justice COP26 Coalition

150 sessions joining movements across the globe. We need to network! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

What Would Happen If… The Border Patrol Was Replaced With A Safety Patrol?

‘What Would Happen If… The Border Patrol Was Replaced By A Safety Patrol’ by SM(Art) Bombs Comics (LRM21)

I’m reimagining the border. What if we were more concerned about people over profits? What If the Border Patrol was trained by all those awesome people who fiercely protect kids as they cross the street?

The Motherly figure is wearing a Red dress for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) who have been affected by human trafficking at the border. I made the safety patrol officer a Grandma, because I usually see them out keeping the little ones safe at the bus stops.

Greenwashing Uncle Sam: A Summary of the Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan…

‘Greenwashing Uncle Sam’ is an original work by SM(Art) Bombs Comics (LRM21)

Update: I love riffing on old recruitment posters. This is a reference to the old “I Want You” Uncle Sam campaign. In this setting, Uncle Sam has been painted green and was given some cool sunglasses to appear more young and hip! Please read the next paragraph in your best impression of what Uncle Sam would sound like! To me, Uncle Sam sounds like an annoyingly loud infomercial guy.

Uncle Sam Says: “Nothing is Greener than the military, well maybe except for money and Lady Liberty, but Uncle Sam has a deal for you! Uncle Sam is such an expert at being green, that he wants to COLLABORATE with the public and private sectors over land use, natural resources, water, and power generation!
DoD has a shiny new AI tool that will take down all your metadata and help you be super green too, just like Uncle Sam! Just sit tight while it takes down an inventory of your stuff…
“It’s not easy being green”, so Uncle Sam just wants to use your land and water, and oil, or whatever, if the supply chains get weird, so no biggie, right? Oh and that collaboration earlier includes Uncle Sam’s friends in the big industries, so can they can use your stuff too! Hooray!
While you’re out there being green, don’t get caught protesting against any pipelines! The Department of Homeland Security is going all the way to the arctic to make sure oil flows to power the machines that control the military’s ‘climate adaptation’ while somebody is stacking a whole lotta green!”

My key takeaways from the DoD Climate Adaptation Plan

“The primary purpose of this plan is to integrate climate change adaptation and climate resilience across agency programs, management of real property, public LANDS and WATERS, and FINANCIAL SERVICES” (DoD Climate Adaptation Plan, from the introduction on pg 3, pgph 3, lines 3-5, 2021)

Bottom Line Up Front: 
1) DoD is ‘collaborating’ with public and private sector civilian organizations, NGOs, logistics, business enterprise, and natural resource entities under the guise of improving “climate adaptation” and “resiliency”. The fine print includes DoD’s requisition of those resources to protect DoD assets when times get tough and supply chains fail. (So like right now). DoD could use Greenwashing to seize control of National assets and resources. 

2) DoD awarded Booz-Allen a contract for ‘Advana’ in 2019 (before the pandemic) to be like a Siri for base installations and track metadata for logistics, analytics, supply chains, readiness. Who has access to this info? How is this info protected? This needs more background and followup. 

3) DoD has a renewed push to train and acquire resources in Arctic. 

4) DoD acknowledges that training and testing ranges will need to be expanded due to land loss and degradation from climate change. Expect DoD will expand (eminent domain) around bases to create buffer zones and into the arctic as land becomes accessible

5) Expect more clashes over resources and for those who resist to get stuck with antiterrorism charges, since the DHS is getting more involved with infrastructure and arctic ops. 


Department of Defense, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisition and Sustainment). 2021. Department of Defense Draft Climate Adaptation Plan. Report Submitted to National Climate Task Force and Federal Chief Sustainability Officer. 1 September 2021.

The Derpartment of Defence Released Their New Climate Readiness Action Plan (CRAP)

This is a copy of some notes I made for research…obviously I altered the original document for satirical purposes.

I didn’t make it past the cover. I just couldn’t help myself. 😂😜

The photos of the poor troops happily sandbagging and the submarine on the arctic voyage are in the original document. It is very interesting when you contemplate WHY the US is suddenly so interested in NATO…

Update: I really have no idea WTF that is in the lower right corner of the graphic. It was in the original document, so I left it alone, but the more I’m staring at it, the more intriguing it gets… what is it? Anybody know?

Updated Update: There are talks of implementing a higher level Operational Climate Readiness Adaptation Plan (OCRAP) which will likely cover the 2050-2099 time frame

An Update to the Updated Update: This is a Satirical Humorous Interjection and Thought (S.H.I.T) post. Also, That weird thing in the lower right corner is part of a Climate testing facility.

Don’t Use Climate Funds for Hydro Projects: 300 organisations from 69 countries to UN & govts at COP26

A landmark Global declaration titled “RIVERS FOR CLIMATE” was launched on Sept 21, 2021, endorsed already by 300 organisations from 69 countries …

Don’t Use Climate Funds for Hydro Projects: 300 organisations from 69 countries to UN & govts at COP26

I found this article just this morning. The CMP Corridor depends on Hydropower from the Churchill Falls region in Labrador, Canada. Megadams are built from the deliberate flooding of a valley, which destroys people’s homes, wipes out fisheries, and contaminates water supplies. More water equal more electricity generated. It’s all about the flow of Money and Power…

‘Warning: Fossil Fuels Frack The Future’

Don’t frack my future, Man! ‘Warning: Fossil Fuels Frack The Future’ is an original work by SM(Art) Bombs Comics. Share it. Just gimme a shout-out, okay?

The American Crow returns, this time warning of the Vultures waiting on the oil wells…